About Organization Background

K.S.S. has twenty professional staff and ten support staff working in a decentralized structure, various projects. As one of list goals is to enhance the movement of quality human resources into the social sectors, it has strived to recruit staffs who are professional qualified and experienced. The current staff and largely post graduate with a diversity of experience from the field of help with my personal statement social service, NGO’s management, and research. Playing a primary role in K.S.S. field project are also staff drawn in from the local areas and communities, Experienced in Entrepreneurship, technical Knowledge and social dynamics of the local community. The weaving together of such local and professional staff of the one hand and professional drawn from different fields on the other enables complementarities and synergies in project design and implementation, K.S.S. is an equal opportunity employer.

While KSS primary focus continues to be direct project implementation, thought working with woman. Children & youth communities in both ruler and urban areas, its also plays other support roles. Such support roles include policy research and dialogue with government; training and capacity building of a variety of collaborating institutors. KSS has thematically focused on the areas of health, Educational & Rehabilitation. It has self sustainable development, Particular by woman.