Basic Accounting System of KSS:-

  •  Kisan Sewa Sansthan has total supporting document is available for every Income & Expenditure. Supporting document is neatly fielded, so that it is easy to find any document when it needed.
  • The Bank Statement for each bank account is neatly field and supporting document and bank statement is kept for the previous five years.
  • Every transaction is writing down in a cash book. A cash book is personal statement writing service a list of the money. That an organization has spent and receipt. It is kept as manually on cash book and a computer (tally 7.2 packages). All cash book are updated at last one in per week. A separate cash book is kept for each bank account.
  • KSS has a standard chart of account to use to code all the financial transaction is the cash book. The same chart of account is too used to write financial report. Transaction is also classified by project of activity using a standard list of “Cost Center”.
  • All cash kept in the office is kept in a locked cash box or safe. All cash and bank receipts are acknowledge and banked regularly. Financial Manager is Authorize expenditure of financial manual setting. All general journals are authorized by the appropriate member of staff.
  • Staff checks that goods and services brought by the Partner have been received before the bills and paid. Salaries paid by claque and sign black pen. And not kept on office. Staff Salaries dose not including Advanced and lone. Every bills Cheeked by the Senior Manager. Cash conducted every for night by a different person from the person who maintains them up. Financial duties separated.
  • The balance of the cash book is reconciled to the professional essay writers balance on the bank statement every month for every bank account. KSS Transitioned 85% in claque system and 15% of cash transition system.
  • After paid cash or chaque then the stamped of “Paid & Cancelled”, All assets owned by the partner recorded in an assets register and undated regularly al Insured.